It is no longer necessary to choose between beauty, practicality and environmental friendliness. The VAGA design panel units combine all three to offer you everything that all modern interior finishes should have.

VAGA is an environmentally friendly decorative wall and ceiling panel created almost 100% from recycled plastic bottles that have been used to make polyester felt, as well as decorative strips made from plywood or fibreboard (MDF).

The felt has been granted the GRS 4.0 (Global Recycled Standard) and the Fibrous Materials Eco-Tex 100 certificates, which means that the felt does not contain any harmful substances, heavy metals, or formaldehyde residues. The Finnish Building Information Foundation RTS has also granted the felt the M1 emission class label for construction materials.

All panels contain felt, which is classified for fire class B-s1, d0.
To accomplish fire retardant class, the panel can be combined with components with fire classes as follows: black MDF B-s2, d0; brown MDF B-s1, d0; plywood B-s1, d0; high-pressure laminaate D-s2, d0; veneer can be processed with fire retardant lacquer B-s1, d0.

The wall panel, in addition to decorative characteristics, has characteristics that enhance the acoustics of a room by softening sounds for the ears.
Select an environment friendly interior design that improves the appearance and acoustics of a room.



Existing designs include 6 special panel designs: VAGA NIGHT, VAGA DAY, VAGA BOG, VAGA WATER, VAGA RIVER, VAGA FOREST. VAGA GOLD, VAGA COPPER.

The panel design can be combined by yourself, in case among the existing designs there are none suitable to your interior.
You can create a unique and distinct finishing, when you combine the panel design yourself. You can select the suitable felt, as well as the content and finishing of the decorative strip.
Areas of use: wall and ceiling

Base felt

Base felt material: polyester felt
Base felt colour: black or grey

Decorative strip

Contents of decorative strip
Veneer (natural)
MDF (light brown or black)

Finishing of decorative strip
Oak veneer (natural or stained and/or lacquered)
High pressure laminate or HPL (it is possible to select from a single colour, wood imitation, rock imitation or other decorative laminates).


Dimension: 2400 x 600 x 23 mm (for custom orders length up to 3000 mm)
Thickness of base felt: 10 mm
Thickness of decorative strip: 13 mm
Width of decorative strip: 23 mm

See how an acoustic panel makes a room come to life!

Acoustic test results

Installation directly on the wall, ceiling

Establishing the sound absorption coefficient AcouTechLab
Laboratory of acoustics, Tallinn University of Technology

Installation with rafters (48 mm)

Establishing the sound absorption coefficient AcouTechLab
Laboratory of acoustics, Tallinn University of Technology



For the installation, we recommend to screw the panels directly to the wall or ceiling. For a nicer appearance, use screws of the same colour as the base felt of the panel.

In case the base surface is wood, the panel may be attached with screws directly to the base surface. For a more convenient installation to stone walls, we recommend to use wooden rafters.

NB! To achieve a complete end-result, make sure to install the panels in the right direction to each other with an overlap.

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